How to use 1hPing

1hPing at December 10, 2023

Send link

When submitting any campaign, if you do not name the campaign, the tool will automatically create it.

For sending links via Upload links file .xls, .xlsx, .txt, you must put all links in the first column, one link per row, for example A1.

Dripfeed (Number of days), which means how many days you want to send this number of links. For example, if you enter 1, the entire number will be sent, and if you enter 2, it will be divided in half and sent in 2 days. Similarly, if you enter 15, it will send for 15 days, a little each day until the link in the campaign runs out.

Note: The default number of days is 1.

Repository of campaign status and deadlines

When sending campaigns, there will be 2 statuses: Done and InProgress 0%.

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Done status: The campaign has been processed.

InProgress status 0%: The campaign is processing, after processing, it will return to Done.

Storage period: After processing, each campaign will have a storage period of 30 days (calculated from the time of processing completion), after which they will be automatically deleted.