Introduction to the Automatic Index Check Feature and Key Points to Note

1hPing at January 28, 2024

In the process of SEO management, checking the index status of links is a crucial part to ensure optimal performance on search engines. To better serve our customers, 1hPing has introduced the automatic index check feature. Here are some key points to note:

1. Automatic Index Status Check Feature

To ensure transparency and performance tracking, the 1hPing system will automatically check the index status of links three days after processing. Customers will receive detailed reports on the status of each link (Indexed, Noindex), making it easy to monitor and evaluate the index ratio and the status of links in their campaigns.

Important note: For campaigns sent over multiple days and still in the InProgress status, accurate index check results will be available 3 days after the last link is processed, and the campaign status changes to Done.

Some campaigns may show one or more links with indexed or no-index status shortly after being sent. This is due to the system automatically comparing with the existing database for that link to provide results.

2. 1hPing’s Index Check Method

1hPing uses the index check method by submitting the URL to the search engine and comparing the results. Although this method is simple and effective, it may yield different results compared to using the site:url command in Google Search. This difference may arise from how Google processes search requests and updates index data.

The two images above illustrate that using different index check syntax for the same URL can result in different outcomes, even though the URL is indexed. This situation mainly occurs when a website has issues with Google’s algorithm, leading to reduced visibility in their search results. This is not a frequent occurrence, so there is no need for concern.

3. Relative and Not 100% Accurate

It is important to note that index checking is only relatively accurate and cannot be 100% precise. Search engines may have mechanisms for updating and processing index data that we cannot fully control or assess. Therefore, results from 1hPing or any other tool provide a general overview and should be combined with information from various sources for a comprehensive view of the actual index status of a website.